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Crane Services Wallischeck Excavating, acquired in 1999, gives Landon Excavating the ability to meet the varied needs of customers better. Crane service, site preparation, excavation, snow removal, along with underground storage tank removal and environmental clean-up, expand the scope of the operation.
cement foundation In 2001, Landon Excavating expanded its operation to include residential and commercial concrete work through the acquisition of Eldridge Concrete of Portland. Rob Eldridge brings 10 years of quality concrete experience to the business. Landon Excavating and its divisions continue to be dedicated to service and quality.
dry bulk hauling Landon Excavating delivers dry bulk products to the glass and roofing industry, as well as local dump truck hauling throughout the area. From stone for your driveway to flour for a local food producer, Landon Excavating prides itself on quality, service, and customer satisfaction.
residential & commercial paving With the addition of paving services, residential and small commercial needs for asphalt paving can be met.
Hot Seal Maintaining the quality of your pavement will ensure a long life for your asphalt driveway. Hot pour crack filler and Brewer Cote commercial asphalt sealer will help preserve your pavement for years to come.
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